Mar. 8, 2007

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Stomach discomfort, problem discriminating between blue and environment-friendly, frustrations, face flushing, queasiness, nasal blockage, and looseness of the bowels are some of the light negative side effects that may develop in some patients taking this medicine.

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Feb. 24, 2007

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If you experience any type of significant negative effects when making love (chest pain, nausea, tingling sensation) call your medical company right away as these symptoms might suggest you are in hazard.

“Viagra functions by assisting penile smooth muscular tissue to relax and increasing blood flow to penis.”

Heading Level Three

Make certain you keep your Female Viagra in some spot where other individuals will certainly not be able to gain access to it.

You will certainly should report a history of heart attack, hemorrhaging ailment, higher cholesterol, conditions impacting the form of the penis, lung veno-occlusive condition, uneven pulsation, stomach ulcer, breast pain, blood flow problems, red blood cell troubles, diabetes, very high or reduced blood pressure, heart, liver, or kidney illness, as well as a record of stroke.

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